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About Us

Our Goal at Rad Dog

Our goal at Rad Dog is to design and build simple, innovative, and fun products that help you and your dog get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s a walk in the park, a multiday backpacking trip, or a mountain bike ride on the local trails, we want you and, most importantly, your dog to have the best time possible! We build our products For the Mostly Off-leash Dog because it’s more Fun to be off-leash. Made in the USA: all of our products are made right here in the USA. Product Commitment: We design every product with the intent of using it ourselves, so rest assured that Jake, our test dog, tries and uses everything we make and sell. If he approves, it must be good.

The Squad

How We Got Our Paws Wet

Simple, innovative, and fun from the beginning... The idea for our company started on a trail run in the foothills of Colorado. While enjoying the freshness of the Rocky Mountain air, I was exploring the latest scent on a nub of sagebrush. I couldn’t help but wonder how I could run with my friend’s dog without having to carry his leash. Thus, a very crude version of the Release N Run was born. I purchased a janitor’s keychain, and a needle and thread, and cut my climbing webbing to pieces to sew together a retractable leash and collar in one. After meeting my wife and her dog, Fletcher, we continued to test and refine the RNR on many hikes, trail runs, in-town walks, skiing adventures, and boating outings up until Fletcher’s last days with us. Just as we “finalized” the RNR and our company started progressing, Fletcher knew his job was done. After a last meal of filet mignon, he handed the testing over to his newly adopted brother, Jake. Jake has found that his new life with us, as well as his job as the “test” dog, equals fun and freedom. But, we are forever grateful to Fletcher, the original Rad Dog. We have grown since that first trail run, but we continue with the same original, innovative spirit that brought about the Release N Run.