National Puppy Day!

National Puppy Day!

March 23, 2017

In honor of National Puppy Day, we thought we'd share this infographic on how to be a rad, puppy-loving human. Thanks My Sweet Puppy for sharing this infographic with us!

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Why Travel Local?

March 04, 2017

We have been truly amazed and gracious from the band of customers who have supported our little company throughout the years as part of the "buy local" initiative.

Over the years, we've committed to buy our materials from US vendors, make local dealers a priority, keep our production here in Bellingham, Washington, and employ local designers and talent from the Pacific Northwest. And it's been...

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A Love Letter To A Dog On Valentine's Day

February 14, 2017

Dear Dog,

It has come to my attention, in this month of love, that before the boyfriends, girlfriends, children, jobs and moves, there was one thing that has loved me through it all: you!

You patiently waited all day for the squeak of the door to open on the first day of my new job. You heavily nosed my significant other as to say "welcome" on our first date. You've laid with me as I cried, licked...

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A Rad Year In Review

January 17, 2017

Of course the beginning of every new year has so many great things to look forward to: so many trails to be broken, adventures to plan, and road trips to take in the year ahead! But we've had a great 2016--stellar in fact--and we don't want to cruise into the new year without taking a look as some of the new and incredible ways we've grown in the past year.

So, we thought we'd share these...

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Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Dogs

December 03, 2016

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Santa Paws soon would be there.

If the job of Santa Paws has you a little behind this Christmas, no worries! You don't have to disappoint your fur-babies! There are plenty of small and creative items you can fill your rad dog's...

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Thinking Outside the “Gift” Box: Gift Guides for the Hard To Buy For

November 17, 2016

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How to Know if Your Dog is Really A Werewolf

October 17, 2016

While the werewolf may be a figment of our imaginations, they are wolves nonetheless. So it makes sense to mention the werewolf on a blog about dogs during the spookiest month of the year.

With their superhuman strength and canine senses, werewolves embodiment of both man and beast. In fact, even the name “werewolf” comes from the root “wer” meaning male man, and wolf.

Stories of the werewolf...

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Putting Your Pet First: A practical and ideological view of pet care and medicine

October 06, 2016

It’doesn’t take a doctor to know this, but we’re glad he said it anyway: “It is good to love a pet and be loved by a pet.”

Dr. John Sleasman discusses this bond between dog and owner in his book Putting Your Pet First: A Veterinarian’s Perspective. As not only a veterinarian, but a lover of pets as well, Dr. Sleasman demonstrates his compassion for pets and their owners, as illustrated in a...

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Adventure Dogs and their Humans: Established in 1915

October 04, 2016

When you hit a trail with your furry friend, or play fetch in a park, do you ever wonder who has gone before you and been captivated by this very same place?

How many a hikers have enjoyed a hike up to this same peak, to look out at the splendor beyond? And how many paws have trekked through on this wanderlust before your canine?

These are the questions we ponder as we make our ascent up the trail....

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Back to School? No! Back to the Backcountry (with 15% off)!

September 01, 2016

Back-to-school? No! Let's make the most of what's left of summer and head back to the back-country instead!

To celebrate the last days of summer, Rad Dog is offering 15% off your entire dog gear order at That means 15% off all the items perfect for a fall frolic down the trail.

What might you be able to do with all that rad gear for your dog? Well, there's the Rad Dog essentials,...

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Tips for National Park Travel with Your Dog

July 12, 2016

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A Rad Dog Music Playlist for Your Summer Travels

June 23, 2016

You've filled your pack with gear, thrown the Pocket Bowl and Feed Baginto the back of the car, and filled a tall HydroFlask with water. The windows are down and your furry companion is grinning ear to ear as his jowls flap fantastically into the wind. But there's something missing from this very moment, and you realize what you need a soundtrack that puts this exact moment of road-tripping...

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