A Rad Year In Review

January 17, 2017

Of course the beginning of every new year has so many great things to look forward to: so many trails to be broken, adventures to plan, and road trips to take in the year ahead! But we've had a great 2016--stellar in fact--and we don't want to cruise into the new year without taking a look as some of the new and incredible ways we've grown in the past year.

So, we thought we'd share these interesting little facts about our year at Rad Dog Pet Products. What color did our customers like the most? How far did our products travel? And, what breed is our smallest customer? Read on to find out!

A Rad Year In Review

  • Top Instagram Posts From Other Contributors: 
    • @crunch_adventures, @pawsonpeaks, @pawsforabeer, @kelpie_subaru and @outdoorrunning
      Our Dogstagrammers
Our New Olive Green Release 'N Run
  • Most Popular Color:  
    • Blaze Orange, followed by Red 
      Blaze Orange: Our customer's favorite color choice
  • The Best Color Choice for the Release 'N Run (Based on Dog Fur Color):  
    • Red-furred dogs look best in the Fuchsia
    • Blonde dogs look great in Olive Green, Turquoise and Blue
    • Brown-furred dogs look good in Olive Green and Blue
    • Black and white dogs look great in bold colors like Fuchsia, Turquoise and Red
      Black dogs look great in bold colors
  • Farthest Place an Order Was Shipped:  
    • Perth, Australia (9,251 miles from our production in Bellingham, Washington)
  • Most Interesting Places We've Shipped Our Products To:  
    • Higashiyamatoshi, Japan
    • Alvsio, Sweden
    • Schalsum, The Netherlands
    • Duisburg, Germany
    • Bray, Ireland
    • Dubai, UAE
      We've shipped our products to Dubai!
  • Number of Instagram Likes: 
    • 11,423
  • Number of Instagram Comments: 
    • 785
      You bark, we listen!
  • Most Popular Day Online at myraddog.com:  
    • Free Shipping Day, December 16th
      FREE is a very good price!
  • Largest Audience Outside the US: 
    • Russia
      We have a lot of Russian Rad Dogs!
  • Most Popular Product:  
  • Most Popular Time to Shop For Your Dog On Our Website: 
    • 5pm PST
      Time to shop!
    • Smallest Dog Featured On Our Website: 
      • Aussie Shepherd (We need more! Follow us on Instagram and use #radwinterdog to make the connection with us!)  
    To all our rad customers (four-legged and two) that contributed to these statistics, thank you!  It's been a RAD year and we look forward to another one!

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