Back to School? No! Back to the Backcountry (with 15% off)!

September 01, 2016

Back-to-school? No! Let's make the most of what's left of summer and head back to the back-country instead!

To celebrate the last days of summer, Rad Dog is offering 15% off your entire dog gear order at That means 15% off all the items perfect for a fall frolic down the trail.

What might you be able to do with all that rad gear for your dog? Well, there's the Rad Dog essentials, like the revolutionary Release 'N Run dog leash/collar in one; the only collar on the market with patented, retractable leash stowed right into the base of a collar. Take you dog for a hike with tons of off-leash freedom, then grab the stowed away leash when critters, other dogs, or leash laws require a little restraint.

For your fall travels, there's the handy food caddy, our Feed Bag, that holds up to six pounds of food (for dogs with big appetites), and folds down to get smaller as your food starts to deplete. It's also perfect for bringing to the dog sitter or kennel for fall adventures where there are no pups allowed.

We have all the gear to get you back to the back-country this fall. Get it at 15% off now through Labor Day using promo code "laborday16". Happy Trails (and tails!) Rad Dogs!

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