Enhance The Dog-Owner Experience

June 02, 2014

In the spring, you can change activities as quickly as the weather changes.  One minute, you are taking a leisurely mid-day stroll around the park, the next you are dodging a downpour while hiking.  You may even get a few sunny days on the beach, river, or lake.
Whatever the weather and wherever the geographic region, there's one thing we know about dog owners: if they are out adventuring, they want their dog alongside them. We call it the "dog owner experience." It's why no dog owner ever has to walk, hike, or adventure alone. It's an outing with your best friend.

To make sure nothing gets in the way of a dog and their owner venturing to the outdoors together, the owners of Rad Dog (Brian and Paula) developed the Release 'N Run dog leash (and collar) in one.  They felt that dog and owner adventures would be enhanced if the dog's gear was as ready to go as the dog itself.

Sick of fumbling around for gear and holding a dog leash during outdoor adventures, Paula and Brian developed a "grab-and-go" leash.

Have you been stuck searching for your leash, or left holding the leash once out on the trail?  Then consider the Release 'N Run dog leash and collar in one. It was developed to make a better outdoor dog owner experience, with these five advantages in mind:

leash collar in one
1. All the Gear You Need Right Where You Left Your Dog.  

No more fumbling around for a leash, collar, or any other gear.  Everything you need is right where you left your dog, so adventures are as easy as calling out Fido's name and slipping out the front door.  In fact, your dog will probably be waiting on you, wondering why it takes so long to tie your shoes and fill up your water bottle.

grab and go leash
2. All the Function, Nothing Extra. 

Rad Dog is gear for those who like to travel light.  So we created a leash and collar in one that provides everything you need to grab your dog and go, and nothing more.  No tricky clips. No leash adjustments. No heavy equipment. Just the simplicity of a collar with the function of 4-foot retractable leash to use whenever leash activities beckon.

dog collar retractable leash
3. Lightweight, But Surprising Strength.

Because we know our customers like to travel light, you can be sure we made our Release 'N Run as lightweight as possible--ounces in fact! But don't let that fool you into thinking this can't hold your big, rad dog!  The Release 'N Run, made with climbers webbing and Cordura® and Spectra® cord (one of the world's strongest and lightest fibers), is strong enough for use on dogs weighing up to 110 pounds. In addition, the internal retracting mechanism on our retractable collar/leash in one, is made for maximum strength and durability.  In fact, it was originally designed for the tethering of tools and weapons for the police and military.

rad dog leash
4.  There When You Need It, Gone When You Don't.

When out on walk, run, or ride, who wants to be stuck holding the leash? What do you do with it once your dog is free to wander?  Well, you can tie it around your waist, or train your dog to hold it in its mouth, OR...you can simply let go and let the leash on the Release 'N Run retract back into the dog's collar.  Once fully retracted, the sleeve covers retracting mechanism and handle, so your dog is free to roam without getting caught up. So it's a collar most of the time, and leash when you need it.

retractable leash and collar in one

5. Ready in a Flash.

Outings with your dog should be as spontaneous and hassle-free as possible.  What's better than an impromptu jump out of the car to explore or a last-minute stroll around the block?  With the Release 'N Run, your dog is always prepared in a flash for the next great adventure.

Likewise, once out on your adventure, your dog can go from meandering to under leash control in seconds.

Many great adventures are unplanned. You and your dog can be ready to take on the next great spontaneous adventure with the Release 'N Run collar and dog leash in one. There's no need to plan ahead, with the Release 'N Run dog collar, everything you need is right where you left your dog.

Buy the Release 'N Run

P.S. Did we mention it comes in purple too?

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