Five Funny Misfortunes That Happen When Camping With Dogs

May 14, 2015

Once you've camped with your dog, you will never know any other way to do it. Providing both companionship and liveliness to you camping adventure, our four-legged adventurers are the perfect complement to the outdoor experience. During they day, they will trudge high and low without a word of complaint, and at night, they will literally howl at the moon beside you.

But part of what makes adventuring outdoors with your dog so much fun is the fact that they are, in fact, happy, clumsy, four-leggers who know nothing of social norms. They make adventuring an adventure!

Five Inevitable Misfortunes that WILL Happen When Camping With Your Dog

1. Your dog WILL wind up in the millimeters of extra room you have in your backpacking tent. You can buy your canine their own tent, bring their bed from home, or create the perfect mound of hay and leaves for them, but inevitably, they will end up in the small space between your feet and the bottom of tent. Save yourself the heartache of packing in their gear and just enjoy the foot warmer!

2. Your dog WILL eat something they are not suppose to: something dead, something gross, or something that belongs to you. If you're lucky, it will just be the last breakfast burrito, but if you're not, you might spend hours de-skunking your pup!

3. You WILL trip over your dog while making a tent exit for the bathroom. Whether making the dark journey from the camp fire, or from the tent when nature calls, your dog will inevitably be in the pathway between you and your destination, and it will inevitably surprise you every time.

4. Your dog WILL track mud, debris and water throughout your campsite. Bonus points if they also manage to get some hair-clad marshmallow mess on your tent and sleeping bag as well.

5. Your dog WILL NOT follow friendly social protocol. Most likely, they will do one of the following that will embarrass you: 1) stick their nose in at least one inappropriate place--another dog's backside, a stranger's crotch, or something smelly and dead, 2) whine like a child when you leave camp to shower in the morning, or 3) get distracted by a squirrel and leave you yelling after them for 20 minutes shortly after you just told the entire camp how well your dog listens.

While these all may seem like pitfalls to taking your dog camping with you, there truly is nothing better then a little open air wilderness and star gazing with your best friend! 

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