How to Know if Your Dog is Really A Werewolf

October 17, 2016

While the werewolf may be a figment of our imaginations, they are wolves nonetheless. So it makes sense to mention the werewolf on a blog about dogs during the spookiest month of the year.

With their superhuman strength and canine senses, werewolves embodiment of both man and beast. In fact, even the name “werewolf” comes from the root “wer” meaning male man, and wolf.

Stories of the werewolf date back as far as the written word. In the original stories, which can be found in ancient Romanian and Greek pieces, the werewolf was able to change form at will. Modern pieces, such as Teenage Werewolf, Little Red Riding Hood, and Twilight have distorted character and appearance the traditional werewolf, however there are some similarities that are commonly carried from story to story. These similarities include the following, agreed upon features of a werewolf.

How To Spot A Werewolf

  • Born on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (considered a divine punishment for competing with Christ's birthday according to legend)
  • Red Hair
  • Unibrow
  • Index and middle finger are the same length
  • Appetite for raw meat
  • Insatiable thirst for water
  • Hair on the palms of the hand
  • Strange sleeping habits and the tendency to restlessly circle around the bed before laying down
  • Changes back to a human if a piece of iron or steel is thrown overhead in animal form
What can we learn from vigilantly scouting for a thirsty, raw-meat-eating human? Well, probably nothing, but you may never be able to look at a red-head with a unibrow the same again. And if you dog was born on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you may not want to throw iron at them, because they might turn into something a little more scary than the hairy Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf.

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