Photo Shoot - Amazing Day!

March 06, 2010

It was a great day in Bellingham for some Pictures with the DOGS!

We started out early Saturday morning with our bikes and gear to get some photos for the new website that Katy, our Graphics designer, is working on. We left the Samish parking lot at 6 am so as to catch the sunrise up on Galbraith mountain, and what a great sunrise and day it turned out to be, as you can tell by the pictures!

We started out from the lot in the dark, headed to the pipeline trail, and worked our way towards Mullet and the top of Oly for the main part of our shoot. We met our friend Nicola, co-owner of Trailhead Athletics, and her two dogs, Sonic and Roxy, part way up the mountain. Anders snapped photos the entire way up; the dogs loved it. We rode and jogged around with all three dogs zigzagging around the bikes and people.

After a few hours with Nicola and her dogs, they traded out duties with our friend Ruth and her dog Fiona. We took more pictures, gave the dogs more treats, and let the dogs get even dirtier; they loved it!

All the dogs played and enjoyed being out so early in the day. Oh, and of course they loved the treats that we bribed them with. Jake, Roxy, and Sonic are all showing the focus of a Rad Dog!

In the afternoon Anders set out to the saltwater flats with some of his friends for some more great pictures. He had three more dogs join him in the fun as they had a great time playing in the sand and water.

All in all, it was a great day on the mountain and at the beach. Anders did a great job with the shoot and all the dogs and humans alike had a great time! Thanks to our friends Nicola and Ruth for their help, and a big thanks to all six dogs that did all the HARD work looking good and sporting Rad Dog gear, like the Release N Run.

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