Why Dog's are Great Life Partners

February 14, 2016

Photo via NaturalVibration
"Roses are red, violets are blue, I love you, but I love my dog too!"

Because February is the month when we declare our love for those who make our lives better, we thought it to be the perfect season to recognize a life partner who sometimes does not get credit for their contributions to our happiness: our canines.

Historically, dogs have been pets longer than fish, hampsters and other animals. And perhaps that's because dogs have an uncanny ability to provide companionship, friendship, loyalty and even compassion. Anyone with a dog will agree: dogs have soul. They are our friend, our trail buddy, our companion, our dinner guest. So we decided that this Valentine's Day, we want to recognize the reasons why dogs are more than just pets, but our life partners.

Why Dogs Are Great Life Partners

Dogs Are Loyal. People, they say, come for a season, a reason, or the rest of your life. But dogs, they come in our lives for all three. The only time they leave us, usually, is when their bodies can no longer keep up. Their friendship is loyal, beautiful, and monogamous (unless of course, someone else has a treat in their pocket).

Dogs Provide Companionship. No, dog's can't talk. But even if they could, do you think they would ever use the word "no"? Absolutely not. Whatever we're doing, our dogs are right there beside us, along for the ride and ready for any adventure. They may not be able to say no, but they sure can say "yes" to the next walk, hike, or ride in the car with a wag of a tail!

Dogs Love Their Owners. Dogs provide a no-strings-attached love. They rely on us, protect us, and love us even when we have a bad day, yell at them for chewing up the newspaper, or forget to give them their daily treat. They are never judging us, disappointed in us, or harboring resentment towards us.

Dogs Are Affectionate.  A dog always welcomes a good pat or belly rub, and if asked, will return that affection with a jump on the lap, a nose nuzzle, or a lick on the face. Any show of affection, any time, is appreciated, no strings or motivations attached. It's love in it's purest form.

Dogs Have Soul. Dogs have an uncanny ability to read our emotions and respond appropriately. They can sense when we are happy, blue, excited, or bored. When we are happy, their tail is wagging. When we're sad, they rest their head on our lap. When we are excited, they are jumping up and down with barking enthusiasm too. And, when we are bored, they will bring us a leash.

Happy Valentines Day to you and your dog(s)! Dog's truly are the best life partners, and they make our world--simply put--RAD!

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