Double Duty Dog Leash



  • Strong Duraflex® buckle.
  • Climbers tubular webbing.
  • Strap keepers to keep the carabiner in place when around your waist or shoulder.
  • Strap keepers also allow you to attach 2-3 poop bags for easy access.
  • Unique Cyclops Carabiner allows you to clip the leash around your waist or shoulder. The carabiner also has a large gate for ease of use; you don’t have to take your gloves off to attach/detach the leash.
  • Adjustable from 2.5' to 5’.
  • Two colors black or red.


The Double Duty Dog Leash is a great leash for all your adventures. You’ve seen or even own a leash that you can throw over your shoulder or around your waist, but the Double Duty is even better. When you let your dog free, simply clip the leash around your waist, then use the strap keepers and clip the Cyclops carabiner to secure the leash so it won’t swing or bounce as you walk or run. It’s a strong leash, yet still lightweight.